“We believe that through truth, service and a united body, we can obtain a great many things for the individual member of the body that as an individual member it would
be impossible to obtain; therefore, we, the members of the Independent Employees Association of America join in a united body to work together for the greatest benefits for the member, the member’s family, the body as a whole and the United States of America.”
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About IEA

Since 1973 IEA has served active and retired independent employees during all decision-making phases of their career. IEA membership is a major resource for independent employees who want affordable off the job benefits. Whether you are planning that great vacation or just wanting a diamond ring for that special occasion, the IEA membership is the source for extra savings.

The purpose and objective of the IEA, which is owned by its members and operated by current and former independent employees is to promote the social and financial welfare of all independent employees. We strive to improve the “IMAGE” of the members both locally and nationally by supporting community projects and programs.

The IEA Membership offers scholarship grants to deserving dependents of our members. Membership includes benefits in savings local and national business establishments that offer their goods and/or services to our members at substantial savings. A few of the many discounts available to our members include:

Join today and take advantage of all these benefits listed above and many more! To access your member savings, login into the online savings portal. You must have your IEA membership number to enter savings portal.

Mouseover the Membership Benefits button in the menu above for a dropdown of various benefits available to our members.

Mike Nelson, President
Mike is a native of San Antonio, Texas, married, and father of two beautiful children. Mike has over 25 years of experience in the insurance field as well as in administration.


Sherrie Crenshaw, Secretary
Married with 3 children, Sherrie has been with the IEA since 1995. Her various duties include recording secretary for IEA and she is in charge of setting up new IEA members.



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Mike Nelson

Sherrie Crenshaw
IEA Secretary